Tutorial of Math Wallet Browser Extension

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2 min readJul 13, 2020

Math Wallet is launching the most powerful browser extension that supports ETH EOS TRON BOS Telos EOSForce ETC ESN POA, the DApp Ecology and one-click access to the DApp Store. DApp users no longer need to install a lot of extension wallet, as users can use the Math Wallet browser extension to get one stop. Math Wallet will keep adding more and more main blockchains.

Detailed Tutorial

  1. Go to Chrome APP Store and Install


2. Create password, at least 8 characters.

3. Enter the wallet and select a blockchain, in this case we select TRON as an example.

4. Click 【+】and choose 【Create Wallet】

5. Enter wallet password

6. Backup the private key

7 Wallet created, click 【Web Wallet】or【DApp Store】to start using

Click【Web Wallet】to use web wallet to complete transfer, stake and other operations.

Click 【DApp Store】to visit mathdapp.store to view other DApps



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