Security Guide of Math Wallet

Common Scam

1. Fake Math Wallet official staff to defraud service fee and wallet key

In Telegram, WeChat and other social platform, some frauds pretend as the Math Wallet official staff and ask for users’ private key or send phishing web url in the name of helping solve problem for you.
Remind again: !!! The official staff of Math Wallet will never ask users for personal secure information such as private key or mnemonic for any reason.

2. ROI DApp and Tokens

Some ROI/MLM projects pretend to be misleading users that they have partnership with Math Wallet.

3. Malicious modification of application code

Although Math Wallet will review each launching DApp, Math Wallet cannot control their updates. There has a malicious DApp changed the withdrawal button to be the developers’ personal receive address, and defrauded the user to transfer the money to them. Math Wallet will immediately remove such DApp once found. We hope everyone could seriously check the specific content of the operation when entering your password.

How to prevent?

  1. Don’t reveal mnemonics, keystores, or private keys to anyone, even if it’s a so-called “official person.”
  2. Never enter mnemonics, keystores, or private keys into third-party websites or tools.
  3. The official website of the Math Wallet is:
  4. Official support email:
  5. Don’t be blinded by the high returns of pyramid schemes and false propaganda!
  6. Check the operation content when it requires password



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