MathWallet now supports BAB token

Display BAB token

After you mint the BAB token into your BNBChain wallet, you can see it in MathWallet immediately.

Verify target address

MathWallet will display if the target address is BAB verified or not when sending tokens. This will help the sender verify before the transaction and prevent scams efficiently.

Verify the ownership of the BAB token

Leverage MathWallet dapp API; all dapps can use the sign feature to verify if the current address is a BAB holder or not. More details can be found at

BAB based giveaway

In partnership with Collectify, MathWallet now supports anyone to create a whitelist giveaway raffle which is BAB holders only to avoid bots. Based on that, anyone can generate an NFT minting event airdrops to BAB holders’ whitelist addresses.
Collectify BAB Guide:

BAB based community portal

In partnership with Collectify & BNBProject, MathWallet is also creating a BAB holder portal and releases news/events/airdrops/meetups for BAB holders only.
In Sep MathWallet will team up with partners on BNB Chain (including Collectify, BNBProject, etc) to do an NFT giveaways event for BAB holders only and more exclusive airdrops will be based on BAB.



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