MathWallet Expands Its Multi-Chain Capability, Offering Full Support for the Innovative Sui Mainnet

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2 min readMay 17


MathWallet, a globally recognized blockchain wallet, known for its robust multi-chain and cross-platform functionality, is proud to announce its support for the Sui Mainnet. This development underscores MathWallet’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and versatile multi-chain experience to users.

The Sui Mainnet represents a new paradigm in blockchain technology, redefining asset ownership with an innovative, decentralized Layer 1 platform. With its unique architecture, the Sui Mainnet enables horizontal scaling, ensuring low and steady fees even during periods of high demand, and offers parallel processing capabilities, which allow simple transactions to finalize in real time without compromising security. This revolutionary design provides infinite scalability, opening up infinite possibilities for developers and users alike.

MathWallet’s full support for the Sui Mainnet now provides users with the ability to:

1. Seamlessly switch to the Sui Mainnet, reinforcing MathWallet’s unparalleled multi-chain interoperability.

2. Effortlessly create or import Sui wallets, ensuring a smooth transition into the Sui ecosystem.

3. Execute transfers and deposits within the Sui network, tapping into the unique benefits of the Sui Mainnet.

4. Directly access Sui Mainnet’s burgeoning dApp ecosystem, enabling users to explore and benefit from innovative solutions built on the Sui platform.

The Sui Mainnet has been designed with a focus on security and ownership. Its object-centric data model allows digital assets and their attributes to exist on-chain and outside of smart contracts, ensuring that assets can only be used by their owners. With smart contracts defining asset types and their logic, transactions can be finalized even under adverse conditions, providing a secure network for users. The use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake further ensures that validators are accountable to the Sui community.

The integration of the Sui Mainnet into MathWallet’s ecosystem represents a significant step forward for developers and users worldwide. As a general smart contract platform, the Sui Mainnet is capable of powering a myriad of world-class applications in areas such as gaming, finance, commerce, social media, and more.

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