MathChain selected for Parity’s Substrate Builders Program

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2 min readNov 18, 2020


Smart wallets are a type of software wallet that MATH has been researching for quite some time. We see the value of smart wallets in lowering the barriers for new users to participate.

We are introducing a new generation of ‘Smart Chain Wallet’ which will address these problems by moving the logic of the smart contract into MathChain, which will be a Polkadot parachain.

Creating a new generation of ‘smart chain wallet’ is the main reason why we are launching MathChain. MathChain will leverage the combination of SecretStore and the Recovery module to refine the wallet account process.

The goal of MathChain is to support non-custodial wallets with a unique on-chain recovery mechanism to bypass the traditional recovery phrase process. In addition, it will also provide the following advantages:

- Store and send crypto with simplicity and safety on chain.

- Only you can access your assets.

- Cross-chain assets supported.

- Staking support.

- Governance discussion, notification and operation support.

- Treasury discussion, notification and operation support.

- Zero transaction fee token support.

- Set daily spending limit.

- Support DID and KYC.

In order to further streamline the initiatives and gain additional momentum, the MathChain core development team was recently selected for the Substrate Builders program by Parity Technologies. MathChain has joined the Chains track, which will provide us with additional strategic, technical, and media support by the Parity team.

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About Parity Technologies

Founded by blockchain pioneers, Parity Technologies is now a team of 100+ in nine countries. Their team includes some of the leading p2p networking developers, consensus algorithm inventors, blockchain innovators, and Rust developers. Their core work includes building Substrate, Parity Technologies’ modular blockchain development framework, and Polkadot, a protocol of protocols to connect the future Web 3.0.
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About MATH

MATH is a multi-chain and cross-chain blockchain assets hub, and its products including: MathWallet (supported 50+ blockchains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana, BinanceChain etc and 1.2M users), MATH VPoS Pool, MathDAppStore, MathStaking, MathCustody, MathNFT, MathChain, MathHub, MathDEX, MathID, MathPay etc. Our investors includes Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, FundamentalLabs, Multicoin Capital.
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