MATH Token Status Update — 20230216


Here is a summary of MATH token-related data updates by 2023/2/16


Total Supply: 200,000,000
Circulating Supply: 162,438,355

MATH Mining

Locked in the Mining Address: 37,561,645 MATH

Based on the latest updates, the mining pool will be separated into 2 parts starting from 2023/2/16:
50% remains in the MathVault as MATH staking reward
50% goes to the MathVerse Treasury

Current daily MATH issuance: 41095.89 MATH
Next halving date: 2023/9/24

Total Burned MATH tokens

Total burned: 1,620,491 MATH

Burning address:

More burning record details

FTX Related Impacts

Total tokens in FTX wallet: 6,798,784.75 MATH

Currently, all these MATH tokens are in the below FTX wallet address: