How to participate in BakerySwap yield farming on BSC?

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap’s token is BAKE,total supply is 731 million,99% token are produced through users farming process,The BakerySwap team will only receive 1% of all BAKE farmed (i.e. the Bakery team gets 1 BAKE token for every 100 BAKE farmed).

For the first month of the farming launch, there will be 12 million BAKE rewards for the first day of launch, and then 30 days after that, the award will be reduced by 300, 000 per day day. After it will be the period for normal farming, BAKE output reduces by 300, 000 a month, and finish farming after 12 months.

The initial set of LPs and BAKE reward multipliers as below:

  • BEP20 BAKE-BNB, 10x BAKE rewards
  • BEP20 BUSD-BNB, 3x BAKE rewards
  • BEP20 ETH-BNB, 1x BAKE rewards
  • BEP20 BTC-BNB, 1x BAKE rewards
  • BEP20 DOT-BNB, 1x BAKE rewards
  • BEP20 LINK-BNB, 1x BAKE rewards


Create BSC wallet:

Get assets such as BNB/BUSD/ETH on the Binance Smart Chain.

Buy tokens from Binance exchange, and then withdraw token to your BSC wallet. Remember to choose BEP20 while withdrawing token.

Enter DAPP — [BakerySwap]

Configure the amount of token you want to exchange and click Swap to finish the exchange procedure. Authorization is required for the initial exchange. Please remember to pass it.

Provide liquidity:

BakerySwap starts with 6 liquidity farming pools: BAKE/BNB, BUSD/BNB, ETH/BNB, BTC/BNB, DOT/BNB, LINK/BNB.


Select a trading pair, then input the number of tokens you want to provide. Make authorization by click 【Approve】and click the【Supply】 button.

Then you need to stake your BLP Tokens to get BAKE.

First click【Earn BAKE】, choose correponding pool.

Make a【Approve】 to BLP
Then click + to make stake

If you want to leave farming,first you need to unstake your BLP
Then exit from SwapPool



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