How to claim Polkadot Staking Rewards? — MathWallet

Operate staking in Pokladot Staking Tool

How to use Polkadot Staking Tool?

Receive Staking rewards

Open Polkadot Staking Tool then click Rewards-Set

Select the reward receiving account and the proceeds will be automatically transferred to the corresponding account (when there are others to receive voting node).

Note: The official time for issuing the interest of Staking is about 23:40 Beijing time (subject to the actual block height). If you vote to the node, as long as one person gets the income of Staking, the income of other voters will be automatically transferred to their accounts. Please pay attention to the change of your DOT balance, or go to the browser to check.

Check revenue

Open the Subscan browser, enter the address search, and click revenue & Penalty to check revenue.

Originally published at on August 27, 2020.



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