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4 min readJun 29, 2020


On June 11th, the HBTC Exchange launched $MATH and supported MATH / USDT. On June 12th, Elsa Qiu, HBTC Vice President of Global Business and Marketing invited Yaxin, Global Market Expansion of Math to conduct an in-depth discussion on “Globalization Progress of MathWallet”


Q1. There is a basic consensus in the industry that wallets are the gate to the blockchain world. It happens to be the Slogan of MathWallet, and what is the logic behind this consensus?

Yaxin: At present, the wallet should be the most recognized entrance to the blockchain ecosystem. Many projects start from the blockchain wallet to access, understand, and participate in the construction of this ecosystem, and get through the whole process. The uniqueness from MathWallet comes from our positioning of “blockchain application entrance”, About this goal: 1, the MathWallet connects to most public chains, so the user does not need to switch wallet for each public chain; 2. MathWallet has completed the coverage on multiple platforms. In addition to the APP, it also supports the extension wallet, web wallet, hardware wallet and cloud wallet. 3. MathWallet has been committed to the build-up developer community and provides developer tools. We now have a community of nearly 2,000 developers. 4. From the very beginning, we have targeted global users. We not only support more than 20 languages but also build local online communities around the world. We have a total number of 1w telegram

Q2. Since MathWallet is in the ecosystem of Polkadot, please introduce the progress of Polkadot ecological project:

Yaxin: The Polkadot mainnet has not been launched yet, and it is expected to be launched from April to May. Kusama, Polkadot’s first network, was launched on July, 19, and opened the transfer function in December when Kusama was converted to the POS network. Edgeware went online in January after two delays. Recently, Parity released 17 Substrate based Polkadot ecological projects on the road. These high-quality projects include Defi, Layer2 Dapp solutions, the Internet of things, trusted networks, games, stable currency, etc., all preparing for the rapid growth of Polkadot ecology.

Q3. Could you introduce the future product iteration direction of MathWallet to everybody?

Multichain, multi-platform, multi-language is our main product iteration direction. Users can complete blockchain operation more conveniently through MathWallet

With the continuous expansion of blockchain application scenarios, the functions of the wallet will be more diversified, and the security problems will accumulate. The wallet, as the portal of user interaction, is also the last line of security and it carries the responsibility of protecting the user’s assets. We look forward to the day when blockchain technology can widely use.

Q4. What does MathWallet think of the future of blockchain and digital assets?

MathWallet can not only store 40 publicly linked assets in a decentralized way, but also help users with asset management. The new generation of VPOS mining pool products launched by MathWallet has the characteristics of multi-currency and dual-engine.

Multi-currency: VPOS supports mining in all currencies, the first open currency is BTC, ETH, EOS, usdt-erc20, the future will gradually increase a variety of other tokens.

Double engines: take the example of depositing BTC into the mining pool. In addition to earning BTC interest, you can also earn MATH token as a reward.

Q5. User distribution among countries

The users of MathWallet are widely distributed, and the countries and regions where the users are concentrated are China, the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Chinese users account for about 80% and overseas users 20%

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