Filecoin Cloud Mining Pool Product Introduction

Product introduction

  • Product: 1TB/year Filecoin mining power rental service
  • Product price: 285 USDT/1TB/ year Filecoin mining rental service (original price: 350 USDT)
  • Stake cycle: 365 days
  • Currency: USDT
  • Filecoin Cloud mining price = product price/proof of stake =28.5USDT/0.1T (original price: 35USDT)
  • Technical service fee: 25%
    Technical services include:
    Real hard disk storage space corresponding to the purchase of mining power,
    Costs of normal operation of cloud mining, including T4 IDC room, electricity and bandwidth expenditure, etc
    Normal operation of the software system for cloud mine and mining pool,
    Machinery and equipment installation and debugging in service period, 7 x 24 hour rapid response, support for daily maintenance and software updates.
    (The mining machine and basic tech support provided by 1475 FIL)
  • Mining currency: FIL
  • Investment return ratio:4.2GB/H/W
  • Income starting time: expected from the 2nd day after the official Filecoin main network comes online, subject to the Filecoin official version
  • Distribution cycle: daily (estimated at 00:00 UTC+8) each day to distribute the previous days Filecoin, ultimately subject to the mining pool allocation settlement time)
  • Distribution formula: users daily Filecoin distribution = number of mining power× daily output /TB × (1–25% of technical service fee)
  • Total subscription: 288 T
  • Subscription time: June 18, 2020 — June 25, 2020 (UTC+8)
  • Minimum subscription: 0.1 T
  • Maximum subscription: 288 T
  • To thank users for the long-term companionship and support, for 1T subscription, the user could get 99 MATH rewards
  • Expected launch time: In August 2020 (determined by the actual Filecoin mainnet launch situation)
  • This pre-sale calculation can fully participate in Filecoin 400W testnet incentive plan




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