Arbitrum wallet guide: cross-chain operation experience and cost statistics

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4 min readSep 1, 2021

This article introduces the relevant information about the cross-chain transfer operation process, experience, and fee amount on Ethereum L1 and Arbitrum L2.

Gas Price at the time of the test of this article

Ethereum Gas Price: 80 Gwei
Arbitrum Gas Price: 3.3 Gwei

Download MathWallet

When this article was published, the MathWallet extension, MathWallet android and MathWallet5 iOS versions have already support Arbitrum.

After the installing, please import the Ethereum wallet first.

Then switch to the Arbitrum network, select [Import]-[Import from other chains], and import the Ethereum wallet

Note: This method can keep the Ethereum wallet and Arbitrum wallet addresses the same, and cross-chain operations need to be performed between the two same addresses.

ETH cross-chain (Ethereum -> Arbitrum)

Open and search to find the Arbitrum Token Bridge dapp for ETH, which can be opened by scanning the QR code on the iOS mobile phone

Enter the amount of ETH and complete the signature

After the transaction is packaged, switch to the Arbitrum wallet to see the balance (the cross-chain handling fee of 0.0001 ETH is deducted)

Total expenses:
Gas fee: 0.007927049677442493 Ether ($27.27)
Cross-chain fee: 0.0001 Ether ($0.3)

Arrival time: 3min

ERC20 cross-chain (Ethereum -> Arbitrum)

Open and search to find the app Arbitrum Token Bridge for ETH.

Search for the Token to be cross-chain (this article takes MATH as an example)

ERC20 token needs to do an Approve authorization first, and then complete the Transfer signature just like ETH

At present, the ERC20 token supported by Arbitrum Bridge uses the whitelist mode, and the tokens that want to join can submit an application to the official

Total expenses:
Gas fee:
0.003699604 Ether ($12.73)
0.016744959 Ether ($57.57)
Cross-chain fee: 0.000683082681995396 Ether ($2.33)

Arrival time: 5min

ETH cross-chain (Arbitrum -> Ethereum)

This operation is a reverse cross-chain from L2 to L1.

Open and search to find the Arbitrum dapp ‘Arbitrum Token Bridge’, which can be opened by scanning the QR code on the iOS mobile phone.

Enter the amount that needs to be cross-chain to Ethereum L1, transfer and sign

Switch to the ETH wallet and enter the ETH application Arbitrum Token Bridge,
you can see that there is a cross-chain transfer in the queue. According to the rollup mechanism, it takes about 8 days to claim to the ETH wallet.

ERC20 Token from Arbitrum -> Ethereum will not repeat it in this article.

Total expenses:
Arbitrum Gas fee: 0.00076351279828 ETH ($2.62)
Ethereum Gas fee: 0.0079 Ether ($27) Approximately estimated, the actual measurement needs to wait 8 days

Arrival time: 8 days

Transfer operations on Arbitrum

The transfer operation on Arbitrum is the same as that on Ethereum, except that the Gas Price is much lower.

Total expenses:
Arbitrum Gas fee: 0.00073915903668 ETH ($2.55)

Uniswap operation on Arbitrum

Open and search to find the Uniswap V3 of Arbitrum, which can be opened by scanning the QR code on the iOS mobile phone.

Then you can start the swap operation

Total expenses:
Arbitrum Gas fee: 0.00122590952 ETH ($4.23)



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