Why We Need MathChain

MathWallet has supported more than 50 public chains, with over a million users so far, however we have never stopped thinking about the future of the blockchain world, and the most important issue is how to serve the mainstream users.

Why MathChain is based on Substrate

Since last May, Polkadot ecosystem has been the field where MATH has invested the most resources. We participated in the Web3 Summit in Berlin, were elected as the ambassador of Polkadot, and received Kusama Treasury awards for our continued contributions from the very beginning of Polkadot Testnet, and we have partnered with a number of Polkadot ecological projects ever since.

What applications will emerge on the MathChain

MathChain’s growth strategy will focus on both sides of capital and asset.

MATH Token Value

Previous MATH Token will capture the value of MathVPoS, MathSwap and MathStaking. After the MathChain launch, MATH token will also be used as the transaction fees and these fees will be burned.

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