4 Reasons Why You Should Use VPoS Mining Service in MathWallet

Dear MathWallet user,

Thank you for using our Cloud Wallet service. You can now take advantage of our easy-to-use, high-yield VPoS service, with interest rates of up to 40%. From your Cloud Wallet, transfer any of the assets listed below to your VPoS account and start earning today!

Estimated APR

*Estimated returns are as of 14/04/2020 and subject to change.

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Don’t let your cryptocurrencies sit idle in your wallet. Put them into a VPoS account and take advantage of high interest rates while you do nothing!

How to join VPoS service?

3. What are the other benefits of VPoS?


We offer a compounding feature that can help your assets grow even faster.

*The compounding feature is available to users at level 4 or higher

MATH Rewards

MATH rewards are an extra bonus in addition to pool interest rates. You can earn MATH just for depositing any assets in VPoS.

Friend Rewards

Invite your friends to join the VPoS pool and get additional MATH mining power for more MATH rewards.

We are committed to making Math Wallet more reliable and accessible to every one of our users in Vietnam. Please keep supporting us!!


The Math Wallet Team

For more information about our VPoS service, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Click the following picture to check our Cloud Wallet website:



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