As the Christmas season is approaching, MATH will bring you a Christmas surprise with Binance Smart Chain and DEGO Finance to thank you for the great support this year.

Event Time:

15:00 December 16, 2020–15:00 December 19, 2020 (GMT +8)

How to participate?

Method 1: Download MathWallet, create new Binance Smart Chain wallet and you can get BNB airdrop.

Method 2: Participate in the MATH Christmas Candy Wheel and win MATH, BNB and limited edition NFT airdrop.

Method 3: Retweet the event tweet to be selected on the white list for mystery prize.


1. The white list will be selected on DEGO’s official website…

To all Cake holders,

MATH will be listed in Farm and Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap!

The Syrup Pools:

Stake CAKE tokens to earn MATH tokens!

Total Tokens: 273,000 MATH

Distribution duration: 60 days

Start block: 7314100 (approx. 3am UTC on May 11th)

Finish block: 9042100 (approx. 3am UTC on July 10th)

Token rewards per block: 0.15798 MATH

The Farm:

In order to host the MATH Syrup Pool, we will need to provide a MATH-BUSD farm that will have 2x CAKE rewards for the first 48 hours and then 1x CAKE rewards after that.

The Vote:

As usual, it needs to be approved via a vote.


MATH Global Foundation, the Singapore-based foundation behind the development of MathWallet, and Solana, a project implementing a high-performance, permissionless blockchain, today announced a $20 million strategic investment partnership to support innovative companies, teams and projects working in the Solana ecosystem.

“We’re glad to see MATH Global Foundation investing in the Solana ecosystem, and providing developers with additional resources for scaling their technology and products,” said Anatoly Yakovenko, President of the Solana Foundation.

MATH Global Foundation will leverage its experience in China and the greater Asia-Pacific region to identify opportunities to invest in further development of Solana-based applications, infrastructure and other…

Dear MathWallet user,

MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, here is the comprehensive guide.


Basic concept

SOL: Solana’s native token, which you can obtain from the exchange

SPL Token: The Token is supported on Solana chain, similar to the concept of ERC20

Transfer failed

Any transaction on the Solana chain will cost a certain amount of SOL as a handling fee. Please make sure you have a certain amount of SOL in your wallet.

When user traffic occurs and there are large number of node visitors , the SOL balance reading may fail and the chain will fail to show any record. The transfer can be made by switching the node (Me — Settings — Node Settings —…

The Solana Wallet’s supported import path in MathWallet. The details are:



Dear users:

Due to the increasing number of Teleram scammers and user safety concerns, we will have to change the following telegram groups to Channel groups from 12:00 (GMT+8) on 28th April 2021:

We will update our latest news in the Channel group so you can view the iterations and updates of our products on time, and if you have any question, you can quickly contact us and get a response through:

1. Email us at:

2. Customer service, please see the guide:

3. Subscribe to our newsletter:

4. Follow our official Twitter:

If you find any fake or suspiscious official groups of MathWallet, please contact us immediately. Thank you for your trust and support in MathWallet, IN MATH WE TRUST!

MathWallet Team

Download MathWallet

Install Extension Wallet:

When the installation is complete, click the Extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings

MathWallet Official

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