As the Christmas season is approaching, MATH will bring you a Christmas surprise with Binance Smart Chain and DEGO Finance to thank you for the great support this year.

Event Time:

15:00 December 16, 2020–15:00 December 19, 2020 (GMT +8)

How to participate?

Method 1: Download MathWallet, create new Binance Smart Chain wallet and you can get BNB airdrop.

Method 2: Participate in the MATH Christmas Candy Wheel and win MATH, BNB and limited edition NFT airdrop.

Method 3: Retweet the event tweet to be selected on the white list for mystery prize.


1. The white list will be selected on DEGO’s official website…


After finish log-in, click KSM to deposit more assets.

You can also click Swap on the left to get more KSM.


User A created in Polygon wallet in MathWallet, and withdraw some Matic from coinbase (or other exchanges), but not receive the Matic in MathWallet.
After check the exchange transaction record, the Matic token has been sent to Ethereum address.

The same issue can happens to BSC, Fantom and other Ethereum layer2 chains as well.

Why this happens

1 Ethereum and Ploygon (or other layer2 chains) using the same address system start with 0x

2 Matic (or other cross-chain token) exists on both Ethereum and Ploygon

3 The exchange withdraw the token to the same address but not on Ploygon but Ethereum.

How to find back

1 click…

If you’d like to participate Solana token airdrop, such as below

You can follow below steps in MathWallet Chrome extension.

1 Install MathWallet Chrome extension

2 Create Solana Wallet in MathWallet Chrome extension

3 You need deposit some SOL to the SOL address

MathWallet supports EVM chain, including 150 + EVM public chain wallet address creation,token transfer,browser DAPP etc.

Download MathWallet:
(iOS users please download the Testflight version)

Switch network to EVM , click “+” to create/import EVM wallet address

Download MathWallet:

(iOS users please download the Testflight version)

Sign up for Cloud Wallet

Switch to Cloud Wallet — Click Sign In— Login at Phone/Email Login — Complete Cloud Wallet registration

We are pleased to announce that MathWallet now supports Dvision DApp and its DVI token.

MathWallet users can now create/import ETH/BSC wallet to access the Dvision DApp. The blockchain-based metaverse, Dvision Network has signed a strategic partnership with MathWallet, for the use of DVI tokens. The partnership will allow users across to access a crypto wallet with decent services and robust security.

Dvision Network:

Dvision Network provides web-based real-time streaming 3D VR metaverse service so that users can easily experience metaverse contents such as fairs and games. On the Dvision platform, anyone can easily create NFT items without any development-related…

MathWallet and Fantom reached a strategic partnership to promote ecosystem growth. MathWallet supports Fantom now, MathWallet users can now connect their App/Extension wallet to Fantom to access the web wallet and Fantom-based dApps.

About Fantom:

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 EVM-compatible platform built on a permissionless aBFT consensus protocol. On Fantom, transactions are confirmed in 1 second and cost a fraction of a cent. The speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput make Fantom ideal for DeFi applications and real-world uses.

Many Ethereum protocols are porting over to Fantom to create a seamless cross-chain ecosystem. These include…

The new version of MathWallet App has supported Terra public chain.

Download MathWallet:
(iOS users please download the Testflight version)

You can create a new Terra wallet or import wallet by mnemonic phrases.

In the case of network traffic, the transaction may shows “pending” so that the sender cannot proceed to the transaction nor the receiver can receive the asset, and here we need to use the accelerating function.

Concept explanation

Each transaction that occurs on the BSC has a value called nonce, which is used to count the number of transactions issued in an address. All the transactions in an address are sorted by the time user made the transfer, counting from zero. Each time a transaction is sent from the address, the nonce will increase by 1, while asset transferred to that address…

MathWallet Official

Wallet for 1 million users, 50+ blockchains, 2000+ dApps. Visit us at :

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